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What’s in a Poem?

This post began as a comment on a poem written by Roxy St Clair called “The Writing Way.” Http://www.roxystclair.com

I admire writers who can create poetry in what I call freeform verse.

As for me, I am constrained by the elements of meter and rhyme and am often left unsatisfied with the finished product.

But this is who I am and all I can do is follow my heart. I have written poetry most of my life, but “Oh Willow” is the first one I’ve published. Self-publishing is not the same as having your writing accepted by a periodical or a volume of poetry and verse.

Publishing to my own blog hardly counts as here I am my own worst(and best) critic.I have submitted my poetry to several periodicals over the years and each attempt was summarily rejected.I don’t believe it was a matter of quality as much as it was a poor match or bad timing. Of course I am understandably biased on that subject.

Unfortunately, these pieces were lost or I would surely have kept trying.

Poetry is the singing voice of the heart. Let your heart sing.