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Add on to “Social Media and Saving the Planet”

I promised to give you some links on my original post, so here they are! They will plant a tree for every dollar you donate. A $20 donation will fund a pound of ocean trash and get you a bracelet or t-shirt. Protecting endanged species- wolves, orcas, polar bears and more. Protecting our food supplies and waterways.

If anyone wishes to add others to this list, please feel free. There are many more.

Social Media and Saving the Planet

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

Chinese Proverb

I said my goodbyes on Facebook today. I hung in there a long time, enjoying posts of family and friends and beautiful photography from pages like Distinctly Montana and Nine Pipes Museum. My daughter, a web designer, graphic artist and photographer, opted out quite awhile agoago from her personal page. Posts from 0her travel blog, still appear occasionally. She felt that nobody was listening or responding to her posts. That is exactly how I feel. In the last few months, since I started this blog, I began sharing posts about wildlife and protected lands in danger as well as the climate change crisis. I am not merely disappointed but enraged that so many Americans and corporations are denying the imminent problems our country and our planet are facing. I have read some articles encouraging writers to use social media to promote their blogs. I have also read several post by bloggers who have removed themselves from social media. I feel that most of these are time-wasting distractions that require an investment of not only our time, but our mental and emotional energy as well. When you choose not to speak up, you give up your freedom. Find a cause. Take a stand. Use your voice for good. I will follow with some websites you can access to learn more and get involved. If you’re reading this unfinished post please check back. I need to make some formatting corrections. Thanks for your patience.

Is it Time for a Rebellion? The Extinction Rebellion is Going Global!

We must speak up for the survival of the planet. Add your voice!

Blog of the Wolf Boy

“Rebellion has its roots in government’s indifference and incompetence.” – Mike Barnicle

A Time For Action

Recently I’ve read that more than 300 scientists have signed a declaration endorsing civil disobedience campaigns around the world because pressure is needed for political entities to begin taking this current climate crisis far more seriously. Our situation is critical right now and our response to the coming crisis is far from adequate to curb this coming disaster. Our governments are not listening to the science being produced, and some political parties are still running campaigns that work against the science in order to maximize profits over the sustainability of our planet. These things need to change now!

ExtinctionRebellion-2107806 Photo taken from Express UK

One group which has started the civil disobedience movement is the Extinction Rebellion whom originated in the United Kingdom. Their goals are aligned with the science to force governments into…

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Thank you, My friends!

Today my blog reached 100 likes! My first milestone. I started “A Walk in the Clouds” three months ago knowing I just had to put my thoughts on paper. I had no idea how it would be received or even if I could create a community. Secretly I hoped it would, but that wouldn’t have stopped the words from flowing or crushed my desire to be better.

And thank you for your posts and comments that encouraged me and fueled the fire.

I have uploaded more of my photos to be available on the customizer and learned how to use the edit feature better. This morning I updated 2 of my recent posts with feature photos that had both a personal connection and conveyed the message of my words.

I hope my readers will visit “Oh Willow: A Poem” and “Who is This Chris Columbus Anyway?” and let me know what you think.

Oh Willow:a poem

Please read “Sovereign”, a poem written by Roxy St. Clair at http://Roxy St.

I once knew a tree that moved me like this Oh willow, Oh willow, you gave me your gifts.

So stoic, so sad, yet joyful your call. We rejoice in your presence, shed tears when you fall.

Our shelter, companion, our home and our berth, you cleanse the air and feed the earth.

You open your arms, embracing us all. Take comfort, my brothers… The willow stands tall

On Blogging and what Inspires me

A few years ago I had a blog called Dreamworks Photo in which I featured my photography and wrote about my life in Montana. The WordPress dashboard was different than it is now. I had no trouble setting up my site or navigating the creation of pages and posts, making edits, changing fonts, or inserting photos and quotes.

With the current dashboard, however, I am constantly stumped and frustrated every step of the way. Part of the problem is that I am working on my cellphone instead of my computer and am not able to access all the tools required to adequately format the words, phrases and paragraphs that express my meaning.

I realize that learning is a process that requires patience but I have been at this for a couple of months now and feel I am no closer to understanding it than when I began. Just when I think I’ve made progress in one area(such as creating a custom header) the rules don’t seem to apply.

Through my growing community of readers and followers I have met several like-minded bloggers and have learned allot about myself in the process. I appreciate each and every one of you.

I hope you are enjoying the reblogs I have posted as I work to improve my skills. I promise you will see a new post from me as often as possible. If you’d like to know a little more about me, please read my About page as a place to start.

“Figure out what you’re better at than everyone else and take advantage of it. Become obsessed with it and everything else will fall into place.”

Christian Mahai

My greatest passion is Nature- protecting and preserving the Earth and all it’s iinhabitants. Next after that are books, writing and horses, my cats and knitting. My spirit requires all of these elements to be whole.

Nearly 80% of my working life was spent in the outdoors. I used to accredit this to good fortune. I now know I was merely listening to my intuition and following my heart’s desires. Whether I worked alone or with others, on a crew or with the public, I was where I needed to be. My most favorite postings were the two summers I worked as a fire lookout on the Kootenai National Forest Northwestern Montana. There I was able to peruse all my passions except for my horse, which I wasn’t able to haul or ride up 11,000 foot plus Blue Mountain.

Blue Mountain Sunset

At present I am taking a home study course in Conservation and Environmental Science through the Stanford Career Institute. I am a member of the ASPCA, the Nature Conservancy, Defenders of Wildlife and WWF

I am deeply troubled by the continuing degradation of our environment, the extinction of so many species in the past century and the plight of numerous threatened and endangered plants, animals and insects.

You can learn more about these species and programs by reading Theresa Heineken’s post Endangered Species Affect our Ecosystem at The Message

It seems the very act of writing about my problems with formatting my posts has brought about some of the solutions I was seeking. I was able to insert a second photo and highlight the quote.

May you never be afraid to follow your passion.