I grew up on a dairy farm in north Idaho. We had 360 acres to play in and I explored every inch of it. My great grandfather immigrated from Canada in the 1800s to homestead and raise a family. As the only one of the three children of the 4th generation that had any interest in farming, I felt that I should be the next one to take over.

But that was not to be. When I was 10, my father and grandfather decided the place should be sold. I ran up into the woods to a small clearing high in pale golden grass and threw myself down in tears.

I am grounded in Nature and here I will stay. For being self taught I’m a pretty fair photographer. I enjoy writing. and am a fairly good knitter. Horseback riding was my world when I was growing up.

I love classical music, animals, books, and being in the Natural world. My spirit requires all these things to stay centered and in harmony with the Earth and Mankind. I believe one of my gifts is encouraging others. I hope to offer both inspiration and entertainment in my writing.