“and most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

Steve Jobs

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Most of us have had childhood dreams of what we want to become when we grow up. Some of us are even able to make those dreams a reality. But more often our vision changes. Often we are left with making career and otherĀ  choices based on external factors because we are out of touch with our inner world. We find we don’t really know ourselves.
I have been through this decision making process more than once in my lifetime because I was too distracted by external factors and the opinions of others. I’m in my 60’s now and I finally feel that my current choices were at last made by truly listening to my heart andĀ  trusting my intuition. I sincerely hope none of you has to repeat my mistakes.
I have tried meditation on several occasions, and though I did receive benefits from each attempt, I didn’t follow through with a daily practice. I had difficulty maintaining my concentration for more than a few minutes, let alone the 20 minutes to an hour that was recommended. My thoughts were too many, I became uncomfortable, and so on and so on with all the excuses I made for my lack of focus and discipline.
But I contineed my search and recently received a recommendation from Amazon based on previous kindle books on growth and inspiration I’d chosen. It’s called “You have 4 Minutes to Change Your LIfe” by Rebekah Borucki. She begins by debunking the myths about meditation we’ve all heard, which immediately gave me hope that I could finally start a practice I could follow through on.
I am so excited to begin! I believe in the process and am eager to heal and grow- and most of all to share with you the inspiration I receive and the progress I make.
You can get a free sample on Amazon KIndle to see if it’s for you, You won’t lose anything by giving it a try and you might be pleasantly surprised by what you gain for such a small investment of your time.


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